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Art school Wilhelmshorst


Kunstschule Wilhelmshorst
Kunstschule Wilhelmshorst
The Wilhelmshorst Art School offers a colourful variety of creative courses to anyone interested in art, regardless of age or previous knowledge. I arrange my courses individually and according to the needs of the different age and target groups.
From a wide range of didactically prepared topics, I deal with the participants in a practical artistic way:

Painting and drawing,
sculptural design,
dance and performance

dance and performance. Experimental and free work as well as classical, academic drawing lessons are possible. For me personally, the focus is always on the joy of creative work and the design wishes of the clients, so that handicraft work or craftsmanship are not excluded.

I want to show how artists/creative people work and guide the participants in my courses professionally and sensitively to think and design creatively themselves in a playful way.

The MOBILE Art School Wilhelmshorst brings the exciting world of art to you and/or your children at home. In familiar surroundings and under professional guidance, you and/or your children receive art courses alone or in a group.
This offer mainly refers to children's birthday parties. But courses for adults (meetings of friends/family celebrations) are also possible in your home environment.